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the Ambulante Film Festival 2018

Por Ambulante

3 nov 2017


The Ambulante Film Festival 2018 will take place from March 8 to May 17.

The thirteenth edition of the Ambulante Film Festival will go from March 8 to May 17, 2018. For the first time ever, we will switch the position of Mexico City in the lineup – the capital city will be the last city in our tour.

With this lineup proposal, we are questioning the normal order of things, the volatility of beginnings and endings, and the meaning of openings and closures. This time, we will walk backwards, betting on a much-needed rupture in the way of passing through certain paths deemed immutable.

The Ambulante Film Festival will visit:
Oaxaca  (From March 8 to 15)
Veracruz  (From March 15 to 22)
Michoacán  (From March 22 to 29)
Puebla  (From March 29 to April 5)
Jalisco  (From April 5 to 12)
Querétaro  (From April 12 to 19)
Chihuahua  (From April 19 to 26)
Mexico City  (From May 3 to 17)

Throughout this edition, we will continue the discussion on justice in Mexico. This year, we will present the short films produced as a result of the grant we launched last June, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We opened a call for Mexican filmmakers to obtain funds to make short films on the new criminal justice system.

The chosen projects will be screened in the festival, aiming at making victims and defendants rights visible, as well as at presenting the major changes some of the main actors in the justice system have experienced, regarding the exercise of their responsibilities.

The short films we will present are: Las visitadoras (Dir. Sergio Blanco), Goris (Dir. Jorge Curioca), Absolución condenatoria: el caso de Marisela Escobedo (Dir. Jorge Abraham Carreón), Luces de la justicia penal (Dir. Luis Damián Sánchez and María Berenisse Vásquez) and Fariseos (Dir. Ángel Estrada).

This year the retrospective will be dedicated to the work of American filmmaker Frederick Wiseman (Boston, USA, 1930), who at age 87 keeps portraying reality with extraordinary sensibility and meticulousness.

“Frederick Wiseman is one of the most prolific and consistent documentary filmmakers, with a career of over fifty years and over forty films. He is also a pioneer of American cinéma vérité; he is loyal to a precise observation method, yet marked by his very own personal signature. In all of his films, he analyzes from a sociological perspective the operation of several institutions: mental hospitals, prisons, slaughterhouses, schools, hospitals, police stations, universities, museums, libraries, box gyms, clubs, etc. Throughout half a century, his peculiar style has shaped a documentary film corpus, which has become an institution of its own,” remarks Antonio Zirión, programmer of Ambulante.



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