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Conflictos sociales

Interview with Annalisa D. Quagliata, Ñores (sin señalar) director, at Ambulante 2018

Por Ambulante

9 may 2018



Those who point to corruption and impunity in Mexico are silenced. This was demonstrated by the multiple homicides in the Narvarte neighborhood of Rubén Espinosa, Nadia Vera, Alejandra Negrete, Yesenia Quiroz and Mile Virginia. This is a story that repeats again and again.


Annalisa D. Quagliata graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she double majored in film/video and studio for interrelated media. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and her project imago received a grant from the Princess Grace Foundation-USA. She is a fellow of the Young Creators Program of FONCA.


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