Selected projects of the Fund Levantemos México

Por Ambulante

15 may 2018


After rigorously revising 134 applications, submitted to the Community Leadership (75) and the Emerging Social Actors (59) open calls, we are happy to announce the results of the Levantemos México project. Below is a description of the method we used to reach this final selection.

Our team followed a meticulous methodology and examined each application carefully. Recommendations from specialists, representatives of NGOs and citizens of the affected areas were taken into account to assess each one of the projects.

For the Community Leadership open call, an Advisory Committee assessed each project individually, after which we held a group meeting with them so they could make final recommendations.

As for the Emerging Social Actors open call, we had the support of an Advisory Team. After a public process of nomination and/or self-nomination we invited the nominees who met the eligibility criteria to apply for funds.

We met with advisors with regional expertise to get their input on projects connected to each of the states and municipalities affected by the September earthquakes.

In order to analyze each project, we took into consideration some factors, among them:

  • The level of damage caused by the intensity of the earthquake, the percentage of houses deemed total loss and the index of marginalization.
  • The project’s relevance and its capacity to impact the community or communities which it sought to serve.
  • The each’ applicants institutional capacity for fundraising and resource management, as well as the viability of the proposed project.
  • At the same time, we carefully examined submitted budgets, audiovisual materials, and social media platforms of each of the applicants.

All of these elements were presented to Paulina Suárez (Director of Ambulante), Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal (Co-founders of Ambulante), who had the final say on the allocation of the funds.

Selected Projects

We would like to thank all the organizations and groups who submitted an application to Levantemos México.

Results of the Community Leadership Open Call

Community Leadership will support grassroots and community organizations that are leaders in the effort to reconstruct communities at a local level. These organizations have experience in community engagement, in implementing projects or programs in the affected states, and have a focus on human rights.

  • Total amount that will be donated: $24,500,000 MXN
  • Number of project that will receive a donation: 25
  • Duration of the projects: 24 months

Results of Emerging Social Actors Open Call

Emerging Social Actors supports community initiatives and collectives which emerged as first responders in the aftermath of the earthquake. These are vibrant groups that emerged because of the emergency, have fostered engagement, built networks, commitment with the community, and have demonstrated leadership, innovation, and the potential to sustain a long-term project.

  • Total amount that will be donated: $5,100,000 MXN
  • Number of project that will receive a donation: 20
  • Duration of the projects: 12 months

It is important to highlight that the donation is subject to the due submission of the legal documents as well as to the due execution of the collaboration agreement between Ambulante and the group or organization.

What’s next?

The Levantemos México Team will contact the selected organizations and groups so they can submit documentation and sign a collaboration agreement as soon as possible. The projects will begin in June of 2018.

We are delighted to announce the selected organizations and groups, which will receive the funds thanks to the generosity and commitment of people from around the world. Once again, we would like to thank you on behalf of the organizations that will implement crucial projects to improve the lives of those most affected by the September earthquakes.

We will keep on sending detailed information on the progress of the selected projects.