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Tailor: Is it Taboo to be Trans in Latin America?


10 may 2018


Translated by Sara Sandoval

Recently, at Moovz we had the scoop of a documentary that was released in Latin America with a great ovation from the LGBT + community. This is Tailor, a short film by a transgender cartoonist who tells the experiences of other trans people through his website. The film, though only lasts 10 minutes, is forceful and tells us in detail the discrimination faced by trans people in Brazilian society, which is not so different from that experienced by other trans people in different parts of Latin America.

The colors and animations of Tailor take us to a world of hope, although suddenly, the stories they tell us are not entirely encouraging. However, we are left with the strength of all the participants of the short film, and in particular, with the story of a mother who confronted her son to tell him that she felt more like a trans man than a woman.

The short film is exhibited at an appropriate moment as trans people continue to be a taboo in most of Latin America. Mexico, for example, is the second country in the world where the highest number of homicides against the trans community is committed, according to the Trans Respect Versus Transphobia Worldwide Organization.

Mexico is only a reference point, but Brazil is the most dangerous country for transgender people‚Äď 125 murders of transgender people have been documented between October 2016 and September 2017. This figure is increasing, especially in a world where the only profession associated with the transgender community is prostitution.

This is why Tailor is important. Trans people raise their voices to be heard once and for all. Thus, cinema continues to fulfill its role as an essential channel of expression for the community: with the positive stories and struggles of trans people we are taking a step forward in the celebration of diversity. Although the messages of hatred continue in Latin America, as in the last known case in which a group of conservative people left a hate message directed to trans actress Daniela Vega on a busy street of Santiago in Chile, films like Tailor encourage acceptance in this context.

Tailor is director Cal√≠ dos Anjos’ debut, and he shows us with a cinematographic example that we must respect our identity and that of others‚Äď a key issue in Latin America today.

You can check the screenings that the short film will have in different parts of Mexico here.

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