We announce Sonidero and the programming of its tent in Vive Latino

Por Ambulante

23 ene 2019


This year, Sonidero, our traditional section of documentaries related to music, will include feature films that explore the lives— both on and off the stage— of well-known artists in the musical genres of alternative rock, funk carioca, and eclectic hip hop. Additionally, a short film produced by Ambulante Más Allá will top off the section with the story of a young afrodescendant in Acapulco who plays the violin.

These films will be featured in Sonidero:

In the words of Julián Etienne, associate programmer for Ambulante, “With Sonidero we seek, on the one hand, to recognize well-known performers for their musical contributions and, on the other, to tell stories that captivate, provoke, or question the audience. Beyond that, this year we decided to offer the public another opportunity to get to know the production of Ambulante Más Allá, our training project. We’ve incorporated one of its short films to remember the value of music in everyday life through the portrait of Élida, a teenager whose passion for the violin does not diminish in the face of setbacks. Two of the lines that go through the general program of the Tour also appear in this section: affection and resistance. Sometimes we put into question the contributions of successful bands and artists. There is a certain distrust towards simplicity and the absence of drama, or the sincerity of political activism. But both for the members of Travis and for M.I.A, life is elsewhere: in the friendships and families that music helps sustain or in the eagerness to defend your own people and your identity as an immigrant. On the other hand, the stages and spotlights offer a platform for criticism and questioning for those who opt for that fight. In her videos and proclamations, M.I.A denounced the persecution of the Tamil people, while Linn da Quebrada has made of her life and her music a kind of continuous performance that confronts binaries and the governance of bodies by hate speech or the beauty industry.”

Ambulante Tent in Vive Latino

For the ninth year in a row, the cultural music festival Vive Latino will feature an Ambulante tent, where up to five documentaries will be screened each day. The films will be presented by special guests, who will attend the tent on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th to talk with the audiences about the stories the documentaries tell and the artists they feature.

The documentaries shown in the Ambulante tent will be:

“We will present seven documentaries from Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom that cover a broad musical terrain— from cumbia to hip hop, passing through rock, punk, and new wave. Three of them are dedicated to women who transformed their respective musical genres such as Rita Guerrero, M.I.A. and Joan Jett. Another emphasis is placed on influential bands like The Stooges, with a documentary directed by Jim Jarmusch; and XTC, a band perhaps less known by the new generations, but very transcendent. In Mexico, it influenced groups like Café Tacuba and Fobia. Almost Fashionable, filmed in Mexico, follows Travis’ tour through our country to show how a band underappreciated in some sections of the press and critics has managed to stay true to itself and its thousands of followers for two decades. Finally, to remember that music is not limited to the big stages, but rather participates in people’s daily lives, we include a very Mexico City-esque documentary filmed in La Merced and Tepito about sonideros, their street dances, and the struggle of the community against its prohibition by capital authorities,” adds Etienne.


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