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Presenting Ambulantito!

Ambulantito’s programming will explore themes of light and its opposites

Por Ambulante

6 ene 2020


Ambulantito, a section of programming geared towards younger audiences, will be available in all eight of the festival’s locations from March 19 to May 28, 2020.

Ambulante A.C. revealed the first stage in its festival programming in 2020. Ambulantito, focused on children’s programming, will include two themed sections. “Misterios de Luz,” for one, explores how light plays a central role in its ability to reveal new forms, colors, ideas and emotions. And in the short-series, “Antipodas,” the series’ creators look at the dynamics between opposing elements.

This section bets on offering a wide spectrum, giving a platform to diverse formats of filmmaking that do not follow set constraints. With that in mind, Ambulante looks to engage younger audiences on different filmmaking styles, forms, and perspectives.

“Ambulantito is our space dedicated to children. Through our two featured sections, we look to offer different aesthetic and emotional experiences with films from different countries, time periods, and formats. It is our hope that your universe of film references and experiences expands and that you will have a better understanding of film in your imagination,” said Iztel Martínez, Director of Programming for Ambulante.


The titles featured are:

Section 1. Misterios de Luz | Mysteries of Light

Pequeña chispa | Petite Etincelle

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville | France | 2019 | No Dialogue | 3’

A mouse lives among an endless amount of books and their epic adventures. But when the match goes out, the mouse embarks on a dangerous journey to find just one spark to light the way.


Nils Hedinger | Switzerland | 2018 | No Dialogue | 7’

A little tadpole is left behind when all of his friends complete their transitions to discover a new world on earth. But he soon finds that with time, there are many things to discover and new friends to make in the pond. Soon enough though, the little tadpole will also make its first steps on solid ground.

Isla | Island

Max Mörtl, Robert Löbel | Germany | 2017 | No Dialogue | 2’

Exotic creatures run into each other on a small island. Among them, a volcano, extravagant birds, and insects wander around in a fast-paced nature, that is, until night falls and all activity stops.

Poder | Power

Dana Sink | United States | 2017 | No Dialogue | 2’

An animated film that looks at the intersection between energy, machinery and, of course, power.

A Tiger With No Stripes | Le tigre sans rayures

Raúl “Robin” Morales | France, Switzerland | 2018 | No Dialogue | 8’

A small tiger from the Savannahs has no stripes like the others. Determined to find them, he embarks on a long journey through a cave, the desert, the underground, and to the top of the trees, but it’s not until night falls that he undergoes a magical transformation.

Section 2. Antípodas | Opposites

Unión | Link

Robert Löbel | Germany | 2017 | No Dialogue | 7’

Two characters are oddly connected by their hair. Any movement either one makes causes an equal reaction in the other. So when both individuals choose to forge their own plans, their disconnection leads to consequences that affect them directly — a lesson about how our own actions can hurt the people around us.

Mi abuelita | My Grandma

Giselle Pérez | Guatemala | 2018 | No Dialogue | 2’

A grandma and her granddaughter bond over making traditional tamales, demonstrating their love for each other in the laughs they share and in the small details in cooking.


André Leduc, Jean-Jacques Leduc | Canada | 1981 | No Dialogue | 5’

We can see magic in the smallest details. Through an intricate movement of colors and shapes, we discover the process of making one of the most common products we consume.


Ben Garfield | Cuba, The United Kingdom | 2018 | Spanish | 3’

Cuba is transformed into a land of sorcery through the imagination and creativity of three children. With little elements, these lifelong friends are determined to create their own world of Harry Potter, but with a Cuban twist.

Hogar dulce hogar | Le refuge de l’écureuil

Chaïtane Conversat | France, Switzerland | 2018 | French | 13’

A woman keeps all her memories in what seem to be treasure boxes  Every week, she takes them out and invents wonderful tales for her granddaughter, telling her about the birth of the tidal waves and the relationship between the deer and birds in the forest. Through her stories, memories begin to invade space. Soon enough, the cockroaches will help their friends remember what their greatest treasure is.

Our documentary film festival will travel to eight Mexican states between March 19 and May 28, 2020: Querétaro (March 19-26), Durango (March 26-April 2), Coahuila (April 2-9), Mexico City (April 15-30), Chihuahua (April 30-May 7), Veracruz (May 7-14), Oaxaca (May 14-21) and Puebla (May 21-28).