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Conflictos sociales

Announcing Resistencias 2020

Por Ambulante

6 feb 2020


The six films that make up the Resistencia section demonstrate to the viewer a discomfort to violence, injustice, impunity, and authoritarianism”

For the second consecutive year, Ambulante Documentary Film Festival will present Resistencias, a section dedicated to documentaries with a focus on justice and the defense of human rights. Sonidero, the section dedicated to music, will also become part of the program.

Resistencia collects films that address issues in Mexico linked to justice and human rights. The films in this section are not only sponsored by Ambulante but by a variety of civil society groups and non-profit organizations. “Resistencias collects a handful of films of diverse backgrounds that, from different approaches to cinematographic language and plural motivations, converge upon awakening a discomfort in the viewer to violence, injustice, impunity, and authoritarianism—all this while continuing to showcase those who live examples of dignity, and resilience.”

The films that are part of the Resistance programming include:

Films like ¿Qué les pasó a las abejas? addresses the extinction of these pollinators in the state of Campeche due to the excessive use of agrochemicals. The documentary portrays the struggle of indigenous communities against an international corporation and documents the obstacles—which include discrimination and collusion of interests between the private sector and the government—that they face in this process.

The section also includes Que sea ley, which documents the campaign in the streets and in the legislative power to guarantee women’s access to safe, legal and free abortion in Argentina, a fight starring the Marea Verde social movement that has spread to several countries in Latin America. With pronouncements from clergy members, legislators, activists, and abortion survivors, the film reflects the deep gap that divides Argentines around the issue. The documentary resonates in Mexico, where the Green Tide movement has grown and gained relevance in various spaces, and where, in 2019, Oaxaca became the second state in the country (after the state of Mexico) to allow abortion in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.


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