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Announcing Injerto and Retrovisor 2020


20 feb 2020


  • The Injerto section of Ambulante Film Festival will showcase part of the work of two international artists—Australian Tracey Moffatt and American Peggy Ahwesh.
  • As part of the Retrovisor section, Ambulante urges the Querétaro’s and Xalapa’s audiences to share and spread homemade archival material portraying rites of passage: weddings, quinceañera parties, birthdays, and all kinds of celebrations.

Injerto and Retrovisor, two of the sections with which Ambulante looks to expand the horizons of cinema in Mexico, will once more be part of the Film Festival on its fifteenth edition, from March 19 to May 28, 2020.


Injerto is a sui generis section in the Ambulante Film Festival programming, which focuses on artist and experimental films, and video art proposals. In 2020, Injerto’s programming gathers the work of two international artists: Tracey Moffatt—one of the biggest representatives of Australian contemporary art—and Peggy Ahwesh—heir to North American avant-garde cinematography.

The curatorship, proposed by Mara Fortes and Antonio Zirión under the title Pasiones conspiratorias, is composed of four programs:

Although very different from one another, the work of both artists converges in their exploration of cultural identity, from a feminist and decolonizing point of view. They both navigate freely between diverse disciplinary practices, from experimental film and video, art installation, photography, and performance art.

In the words of Injerto’s curators Mara Fortes and Antonio Zirión: “Moffatt and Ahwesh, from different backgrounds, decode the ethnographic, racist, and patriarchal view. They reflect on representation technologies, on the probatory value that fabricated images possess, and on the political implication of the act of watching—through a sensitivity that promotes promiscuity of the narrative codes and architectures of the moving image—recovering diverse residues of popular visual culture with a wit that conspires against the established forms of visual arts.

Ambulante Film Festival is grateful for the support of Fundación Jumex for making Injerto possible.


Ambulante Film Festival celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in 2020. In order to recognize this milestone, Retrovisor, the Festival section devoted to film archival, will focus on those social events that mark transformations, and on rites of passage, reclaiming institutional or personal film archives. Through them, Retrovisor intends to give value to materials of intimate and familiar moments, and begin a reflection on the place they hold in the documentary genre.

Three programs make up this section:

  • Program Retrovisor: Celebraciones, which will travel through all eight states the Festival will visit, with the featurette XV en Zaachila (Rigoberto Perezcano, 2002), which explores a quinceañera celebration in Zaachila, Oaxaca; the short film El día de la boda (Alfono Muñóz and Gastón Martínez, 1968), which shows the conflicts that arise when recording a private ritual; and extracts from edited homemade movies that are part of the Archivo Memoria collection of the Cineteca Nacional.


  • Program Compartir la celebración, made in collaboration with the UNAM’s Film Archives, gathers materials of collections from different countries—including Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, and the Netherlands, amongst others—and shows the diverse forms of celebrations in homemade and amateur films, and will be shown during the annual FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives) Congress in Mexico City.


  • Homemade film sessions in Querétaro and Xalapa– For this activity, Ambulante urges the audience through an open call to share personal collections that portray rites of passage: weddings, quinceañera parties, birthdays, and all kinds of celebrations.

In the words of Tzutzumatzin Soto, programmer at Ambulante:

We want to invite the cinephile community to dust off and share their own homemade, familiar, amateur, sometimes anonymous and ever enigmatic material so they can join us in this celebration.”




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