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Conflictos sociales

Ambulante Film Festival unveils its programming dedicated to the Mexican documentary

Por Ambulante

6 feb 2020


  • Sections Pulsos, Coordenadas, and Ambulante Beyond’s programming gather recently produced Mexican documentaries.
  • For the first time, films made with the scholarship funding for documentaries focused on Afro-Mexican culture, provided by Ambulante and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, are incorporated in the programming.

Ambulante Film Festival unveiled its programming dedicated to the Mexican documentary. Pulsos section will comprise ten feature films and seven short films of Mexican origins finalized in the last two years. A specific programming dedicated to productions and issues of each state that the Festival visits will be added to these titles as part of the Coordenadas section. Six short films produced under Ambulante’s training initiative on documentary production for young filmmakers—Ambulante Beyond—will complete the programming.

This year, Mexican documentaries have a central spot in our programming, showing the maturity that the genre has reached in the country during the past fifteen years. Nowadays, women, indigenous people, afro-descendent populations, transgender people and the youth from diverse origins take the floor; they speak for themselves, and address us through films. This decentralization of the views has developed parallel to Ambulante’s pathway as an undeniable witness and accomplice of these transformations in our audiovisual culture,” explained Antonio Zirión, Programmer at Ambulante.


The titles from the Pulsos section were selected by Ambulante from an open call and through the research endeavor of the programming team, looking for works with a formal proposal and original aesthetic that tackle themes of transcendence at a national level. Over fifty per cent of the films that compose the section are directed or codirected by women. Besides, for the first time, Pulsos includes films of filmmakers that were supported by a scholarship provided by Ambulante and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for the making of documentaries focused on the afro-descendant peoples from the Costa Chica of Guerrero and Oaxaca in Mexico: Negra and El compromiso de las sombras.

The titles that compose Pulsos include the following feature films:

And the following short films:

The movie Radio Silence, which traces a compelling portrait of Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui while narrating her battle against the censorship she was a victim of under the administration of president Enrique Peña Nieto, is highlighted.


The Coordenadas section will program specific titles for each state that the Ambulante Film Festival will visit in 2020. “Coordenadas is a section devoted to the productions of filmmakers or on topics of interest from the regions that the Festival visits; it is a meeting point between the local filmmaking community and its audiences to watch on the big screen and discuss realities of regional importance. The section has been greatly received by the audience, becoming the biggest blockbuster in the last Festival. Besides giving visibility to the films, these screenings and the accompanying talk groups cohere the community of documentary filmmakers and promote the development of the local scene,” said Antonio Zirión.

The following films take part in this section:


  • Vacíos | Lluvia Anaïs | Mexico | 2019
  • Sanjuaneros | On the Road to San Juan | Michael Amici, Daniel Kandell | Mexico | 2019


  • Tastuanes | Abraham Escobedo Salas | Mexico | 2019
  • Más allá del set | E. Alonzo Limones Samaniego | Mexico | 2019
  • Empalme Purísima | Omar Gamero Vázquez | Mexico | 2019


  • Vaquero del mediodía | Diego Enrique Osorno | Mexico | 2019


  • Dibujos contra las balas | Alicia Calderón | Mexico | 2019
  • El gran salto | Jorge Porras Gamboa | Mexico | 2019
  • Están en algún sitio | Pablo Tamez Sierra | Mexico | 2019
  • Nosotras | Natalia Beristain | Mexico | 2019
  • Frontera sur | Raúl O. Paz Pastrana | Mexico | 2019


  • Birth Wars | Janet Jarman | Mexico | 2019
  • Persistencia | Anne Huffschmid, Jan-Holger Hennies | Mexico, Germany | 2019
  • Santo remedio | Osvaldo Contreras Sánchez | Mexico | 2019
  • Sobre la hierba | Paty Lucido Coba | Mexico | 2019
  • Circuito interior | Pablo Romo | Mexico | 2020
  • Convertirse en árbol | Pablo Romo | Mexico | 2019


  • Birth Wars | Janet Jarman | Mexico | 2019
  • La bruja de Texcoco | Cecilia Villaverde, Alejandro Paredes | Mexico | 2019
  • Tuyuku (ahuehuete) | Nicolás Rojas Sánchez | Mexico | 2019
  • La utopía de la mariposa | Miguel J. Crespo | Mexico | 2019


  • Birth Wars | Janet Jarman | Mexico | 2019
  • Coapan en espera | Federico Cuatlacuatl | Mexico | 2019
  • VII Domitilas | Diego Ruiz | Mexico | 2019
  • La rueda de piedra | Juan Pablo García | Mexico | 2019

The films selected for Coordenadas in Mexico City will be announced later on.

Ambulante Beyond

The Ambulante Film Festival will also showcase works made by the sixth generation of students from the training initiative on documentary production—Ambulante Beyond—who come from the states of Hidalgo, Puebla and Querétaro. With this programming, Ambulante reaffirms its commitment to help emerging talents to spread their own realities and stories, and to get closer to their audiences.

The titles that compose the Ambulante Beyond section include the following:

  • A los once Carolina Admirable García, Zahira Aldana Ramírez, Nancy Samara Guerrero Miranda, María Fernanda Islas Montero, Aldo Alejandro Ter-veen Calderón | México | 2020
  • Carta al campo | Karla Hernández Díaz, Itzel María Guzmán Torres, Vivian Leonor Santillán Franco, Alfonso Blanco Samperio, Gabriel Rodríguez Ángeles | México | 2020
  • Ellas Angélica Itzel Cano López, Guillermo Gael Estrada Ortiz, César Arturo Govea Olvera, Vivian Leonor Santillán, Alejandra Pérez Valdez | México | 2020
  • Escuela de todos (KalnemachtiloyanIván Zamora Méndez, Alexia Stephania Chávez Bravo, Gustavo Jiménez García, José Antonio Rivera Contreras | México | 2020
  • Todo lo posible María del Rosario Robles Martínez, Nancy Samara Guerrero Miranda, Itzel María Guzmán Torres, Aldo Alejandro Ter-veen Calderón, Alejandra Pérez Valdez | México | 2020
  • Yolik (despacio) Epifanía Martínez Rosete, Zahira Aldana Ramírez, María Fernanda Islas Montero, Aldo Alejandro Ter-veen Calderón | México | 2020

The sixth generation of Ambulante Beyond reflects the growing plurality of voices in the Mexican documentary filmmaking, specially of female voices. Besides encouraging women through the camera—four films are directed by women and one is codirected by a woman—female figures dominate the screen itself, starring in films with topics so diverse like puberty, education, field abandonment, old age, linguistic diversity, social movements, resilience, and sorority,” explained María Inés Roqué, Training and Production Director at Ambulante.

Special screenings

In the context of its programming dedicated to Mexican documentary films, Ambulante Film Festival will organize special screenings of the film Nómadas, by Emiliano Ruprah (Mexico, United States, 2019).


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