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24 abr 2020


Every day from April 29th to May 28th, Ambulante will release one feature film or series of short films and host a live event with filmmakers and special guests to discuss the day’s program. Ambulante en Casa will launch on April 29 with the film Radio Silence (Juliana Fanjul, 2019), a captivating portrait of the Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui as she fights against censorship under the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Films will be released on a daily basis at 00:00 hrs. (CDT) on and will only be available for 24 hours and for up to 1,000 viewers in Mexico. Live events will be held every day at 21:00 hrs. (CDT) on the same platform and on Ambulante’s social media accounts and will be accessible to the public worldwide. In addition, on Thursdays and Saturdays at noon, Ambulante will facilitate thematic meetings with filmmakers, experts, and special guests to discuss documentary film, current affairs and different realities together with the audience.

For fifteen years, Ambulante has traveled thousands of kilometers across Mexico with a central objective: to create an exciting and significant encounter between documentary film and its audience. This intention permeates Ambulante en Casa; live events are an essential part of the festival, and we hope that audiences from all over the world will join us,” emphasized Paulina Suárez, General Director of Ambulante.

Ambulante en Casa includes 66 films from 25 countries, including titles programmed during the fifteenth edition of Ambulante Film Festival, as well as beloved films from previous years from the different sections of the festival: Pulsos, Ambulante Más Allá, Intersecciones, Resistencias, Sonidero, Injerto, Retrovisor y Ambulantito. The program further includes 25 Mexican productions, among which there are eleven world premieres: Yermo (Dir. Everardo González), Negra(Dir. Medhin Tewolde), La felicidad en la que vivo(Dir. Carlos Morales), Lupita. Que retiemble la tierra(Dir. Mónica Wise Robles), ( ( ( ( ( /*\ ) ) ) ) ) (Ecos del volcán)(Dirs. Charles Fairbanks, Saúl Kak),A los once(Dir. Carolina Admirable García), Ellas(Dirs. Angélica Itzel Cano, Guillermo Gael Estrada), Todo lo posible(Dir. María del Rosario Robles), Yolik(despacio) (Dir. Epifanía Martínez Rosete), Escuela de todos(Kalnemachtiloyan) (Dir. Iván Zamora Méndez) y Carta al campo(Dir. Karla Hernández Díaz).

All films will be free of charge and available through different devices (mobile, tablet, computer) with access to Internet in Mexico.


Browse the full list of films of Ambulante en Casa here



Ambulante thanks Cervecería Cucapá for supporting Ambulante en Casa. For the third consecutive year, we will release a special edition of Cucapá Ambulante, the beer that celebrates the inheritance and irreverence of Mexican cinema. Cucapá Ambulante 2020 is made from special malts and barley from the state of Querétaro, and will go on sale from April 23 at


We are deeply grateful for the commitment and kindness of the Morelia International Film Festival, Cinépolis, Barmicil, the Ford Foundation, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Anglo Mexican Foundation, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, the U.S. Embassy, and the Embassy of France in Mexico. We are also thankful to Cinépolis Klic and to all of our media partners, collaborators, and over 250 volunteers that bring life to Ambulante.