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Contraloría social


  1. Project name: Traveling documentary film festival, Ambulante
  2. Executive: Documental Ambulante, A.C.
  3. Amount received: 5,000,000 (five million pesos 00/100 M.N.) 
  4. Date of received resource: April 17, 2018
  5. Place of project execution: National
  6. Period of execution: March 2018 to March 2019
  7. Register of beneficiaries of the program: Ambulante benefits from those who participate directly: general public, students, filmmakers, local, national and international journalists, providers and sponsors, both from the tourism sector and artisanal producers, hotels, restaurants and bars. Users are 53% women, compared to 45% men. More than 45% are between 25 and 34 years old. Their interests include: film, the environment, art, theater, sports and politics.
  8. Requirements for participation: More than 60% of programming is free. In addition to showing films, at Ambulante we want to open conversations about certain themes that we consider urgent, and also offer training opportunities related to filmmaking. Through talks, dialogues, lectures and workshops we invite the audience to participate in the festival in an active and committed way.
  9. Rights and obligations of beneficiaries: N/A
  10. Population the project is directed at: general public at a local, national and international level, film community and university students.
  11. Procedures for the Social Comptroller’s actions: a Citizen’s Committee will be formed
  12. Measures to promote gender equity: programming includes various movies that talk about the theme of gender equity. The theme that organizes the festival is composed mostly of women. In the selection of competitive works we always seek to have gender balance.
  13. Mechanisms for the conformation and registration of committees: according to the regulations, because it is an event longer than a week, we will form a committee with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people.

  1. Procedures and means to file complaints: beneficiaries can file complaints through the site https://sidec.funcionpublica.gob.mx/; by telephone in the Ministry of the Interior at 01 800 11 28 700 and in Mexico City 2000 2000 y 2000 3000 extensión 2164; in person at the de manera presencial en el Citizen Contact Space of the Ministry of Public Function located at Av. Insrgentes Sur No. 1735, PB módulo 3, col. Guadalupe Inn, Álvaro Obregón, C.P. 01020, Ciudad de México; or by mail to the General Office of Complaints and Investigation of the Ministry of Public Function at Av. Insurgentes Sur No. 1735, piso 2 ala Norte, col. Guadalupe Inn, Álvaro Obregón, C.P. 01020, Ciudad de México.

Also at, av. Paseo de la Reforma 175, PB o piso 15, col. Cuahutémoc, C.P. 06500, Ciudad de México and by phone 01 800 08 36 627.

The Coordination of the Program will review all complaints within a period of no more than  ten working days, invariably in all cases, the Secretary of Public Function and the Internal Control Body, in order to have support in case that the conduct violates the applicable regulations. In case that the conduct is serious, information will be sent to the Legal Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Culture so that they carry out the necessary actions to avoid a detriment to the public treasury.

  1. General information of the Executive Authority and the Program Coordination:

Documental Ambulante, A.C.
Tel: (55)

Culture Secretary
Coordination of the Annual Program of Cultural Projects
Tel: (01 55) 41 55 02 00

Download here: Guide O CS 2018 

Download here:  Outline CS 2018