Concertino Outtakes

Chutes de Concertino


Teo Hernández


7, 16 min.

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Festival 2018

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*Photograph by Andrea Ancira, Research document from the Fond Teo Hernández, safeguarded at the Bibliothèque Kandinsky, and presented in the public program “La langue de Teo” at Villa Vassilieff, from February to April, 2016.



The filmmaker recycles the discarded material from Concertino, a film conceived for a piece for ten dancers by the same name by Catherine Diverrès, a celebration of bodies shaken by emptiness.



Teo Hernández was a Mexican experimental filmmaker who filmed mainly in a Super 8 format. In 1958, he created, together with Antonio Campomanes, the Center for Cinematographic Experimentation (CEC) in Mexico. From 1966 onwards, he lived and worked in Paris, where he created MétroBarbèsRochechou Art (1980), an experimental film collective, along with Gabriel Badaud aka Gaël, Michel Nédjar and Jacques Haubois aka Jakobois. In his exploration of the relation between image, movement and body, he maintained a close collaboration with Studio dm (1983), a dance company founded in Paris by Bernardo Montet and Catherine Diverrès, who shaped a choreographic praxis strongly tied to literature and butoh. In France, his works have been linked to Cinéma Corporal or The School of the Body, an artistic research movement surrounding gender and body identity. After his death, his work was bequeathed to Michel Nédjar who has kept it safeguarded at the Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Pompidou Center in Paris ever since.


Editing: Teo Hernández
Choreography: Catherine Diverrès
With Lluis Ayet Puigarnau, Thierry Bae, Fabienne Compet, Catherine Diverrès, Olivier Gelpe, Rita Quaglia, Marion Mortureux, Bernardo Montet, Loïc Touzé, Mitsuyo Uesugi.
Super 8 film, B&N, silent 
Donated by M. Michel Nédjar in 2000
Inventory Number: AM 2000-F118
Collection: Centre Pompidou, Paris. Musée National d’Art Moderne/Centre de création Industrielle



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