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Optical illusions deprive the eye of its sovereignty in the hierarchy of the senses: the favorite organ of intellect and clarity, which filters the world from a comfortable distance, submits to the frenzy of movement and recovers its tactile sense. It navigates censured universes, microscopic and anatomic. The image breathes. It unfolds in the liquid space of sleep, leisure, and desire. The autopsy of cinema discovers phenomena of contagion; a strange nystagmus infects the inanimate faces of magazine clippings; in J.G. Ballard’s damned framework, a viral crystal that paralyzes everything reveals the sinister charm of cadavers suspended underwater and in time. Janet Gaynor and Mary Pickford finally share the stage, but a parasitic fauna threatens to steal the camera. Here, the screen becomes a hypnotic contraption, expands the space of the mind, and is made of illusions.

  1. L’EYE (Xander Marro, 2004, 2’)

The restless eye of inanimate matter: a feast for the paranoid.


A hypnotic flash through forty phenakistoscopes made of recycled cardboard.

  1. EDGE OF ALCHEMY (Stacey Steers, 2017, 19’)

The third part of a trilogy that explores the internal terrain of women. Here, Janet Gaynor and Mary Pickford sail an entomological and surreal world.

  1. CRYSTAL WORLD (Pia Borg, 2013, 12’)

A viral crystal freezes all living beings in a foreign time, inspired by J.G. Ballard and The Night of the Hunter.

  1. TAP WATER (Lilli Carré, 2017, 5’)

Parallel universes sneak into the liquid space of leisure.

  1. PUSH/PULL/RECOVER (Terra Long, 2013, 3:30’)

Movement to the cadence of fixed image and breathing.

  1. V EL ARTIFICIO (Andrea Robles, 2017, 3’)

Inspired by The Sandman by E.T.A. Hoffmann: the eye, torn from the body, reveals hidden fantasies and desires.

  1. MICROMOTH (Julie Murray, 2000, 7’)

The camera, installed in the lens of a microscope, discovers landscapes in the lattices of dead little beings and molecular buildings.

  1. PRIMA MATERIA (Charlotte Pryce, 2015, 3’)

Infinitesimal energy fibers give rise to intangible sculptures of golden dust. The dream of the alchemist. Inspired by Lucretius’ De rerum natura.



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