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At the Senate


Our trench, the cinema

Now, more than ever, we should ask ourselves what each one, as a citizen, can do from our positions and work areas, because it is time to build together, with empathy and a greater sense of civility, a fairer society –not only in Mexico but around the world– and we are all vital and responsible in that process. Let’s not leave the distant or recent past unhealed, as philosopher Kapuscinski said, just as a bad childhood leaves its mark on the whole of a person’s later life, a bad historical memory also has an effect on later relations between societies. Kapuscinski (Encountering The Other).

“Do you know your senator’s Twitter account? Invite him or her to this series of screenings and talks.

#AmbulanteEnElSenado is a space for screenings and talks through which legislators and civil society can reflect jointly. The screenings are complemented by a thematic dialogue in which senators, documentary filmmakers, and experts converse.