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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

When will #Ambulante2018 happen?

From March 8 to May 17.

What states will the festival visit?

For its 13º edition, the Ambulante Film Festival will take place from March 8 to May 17. For the first time ever, we will switch the position of Mexico City in the lineup – the capital city will be the last city in our tour.

Oaxaca (from March 8 to 15), Veracruz (from March 15 to 22), Michoacán (from March 22 to 29), Puebla (from March 29 to April 5), Jalisco (from April 5 to 12), Querétaro (from April 12 to 19), Chihuahua (from April 19 to 26), and Mexico City (from May 3 to 17).

Are the screenings for free?

At Cinépolis, screenings cost $40 MXN for one ticket or $140 MXN for four tickets (Cinebono). At Cineteca General, tickets cost $50 MXN (general admission) or $30 MXN (students and seniors discount); on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, general admission also costs $30 MXN. In the rest of the venues of the festival (which represent over 60% of the total events), screenings are for free.

Which are the sections of the program?

General Program
Appealing and general interest documentaries that have been acclaimed in different festivals. The most recent productions in Mexico and films by prominent directors.

Productions on diverse musical movements: from proposals with social and political content, to concerts for amateurs.

Frederick Wiseman’s Retrospective
An exhibit of the work of one of the most prolific and consistent American documentary filmmakers –with a fifty-year career and more than forty films.


The section is dedicated to experimental cinema and its interdisciplinary connections through artistic expressions, such as dance and contemporary art. In this year’s edition, we worked with the Secretary of Culture through the Centro de la Imagen to present a program dedicated to the experimental work of Mexican filmmaker Teo Hernández (Ciudad Hidalgo, 1939 - París, 1992), whose archive is housed in the Center of Modern Art Georges Pompidou. The program is part of the first integral retrospective exhibition of the artist in Mexico, Estallar las apariencias: Teo Hernández, treated by Andrea Ancira for the Centro de la Imagen.

The section that gathers the most recent documentary production in Mexico. Composed of seven feature films and four national short films that stand out for their original voice and vision.

Platform: Justice
Cycle of screenings, talks and round tables dedicated to exposing different criminal processes in different parts of the world, to create a space of mediation in which justice can be reviewed through documentary film and in light of the criminal system in Mexico.

Ambulante Beyond
A selection of works by Ambulante Beyond, which is a training project that encourages and distributes independent filmmaking to help young filmmakers from different corners of Mexico tell their stories from a cultural and aesthetic perspective.

Short film programs (documentaries and animations) aimed primarily at children, adolescents and youngsters.

Cita del día

Más de 1,100 actividades tendrán lugar durante los dos meses de gira por diez estados del país