06600 Plataforma Vecinal y Observatorio de la Colonia Juárez

Proyecto: 06600 Proyecto de atlas de información vecino barrial. Colonia Juárez y entorno inmediato


Cuauhtémoc, Colonia Juárez, CDMX

Sergio González Zepeda

Redes sociales

We are a platform that organizes neighbors, linking them to other groups, as well as national and international experts. We identify conflicts and propose solutions in a collaborative, creative and collective way. We learn, transmit and replicate experiences of anti-gentrification activism, through the analysis of petitions in the neighborhood, resistance and action strategies, and accomplishments.

This way, we counteract the effects of the real estate sector, such as segregationn and forced displacement of current residents and small businesses.

We created navigable map amidst the chaos of September 19. We are neighbors who walk together across common ground: the urban neighborhood. Outraged by the plunder of urban lands and accumulating capital, we decided to walk together as a collective.

Our platform, 06600, created in 2014, has since helped the inhabitants of the Juárez neighborhood in several struggles and concessions, highlighting the resistance against the imposition of the Corredor Cultural Chapultepec project, by PROCDMX, which was successfully rejected in the December 6, 2015 referendum.