A Paso de Buey

Proyecto: Cacajones en acción


San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca

José María Macazaga Bouchot

Redes sociales

A Paso de Buey was created in San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca, by the children of the children of their children, carrying the message: feces + water = disease. feces + soil = fertilizer.

We focus our attention on the subsoil, which is a natural rainwater filter, and each year it is charged, sheltering the vital liquid. For more than five hundred years, residents have drunk from their wells, but are now endangered due to the use of erroneous technologies such as septic tanks, latrines, or detergents. A disease crop was unveiled thanks to the earthquake—it was incubating in the blessed subsoil mantle.

The words microorganisms, minerals, subsoil, soil, greywater, wastewater, fertilizer, poop bin, poop can and faecal composter, which will change the habits and way of seeing human waste, are now being heard in San Mateo del Mar.

A Paso de Buey invites all residents of San Mateo to join their group to make fertilizer from their organic waste, by means of a thermophilic process in any of its forms: faecal composter at home or the use of poop bins.

We produce fertilizer that we will bring to farmers, along with this new working spirit. We are ashamed of all those who have come to abuse the needs, ignorance and nobility of the people, be they foundations, the government or countrymen. We oppose the false assistance and humanitarianism. As a farmer from Comitancillo, Oaxaca said, “Do not bring to my people gifts, garbage and stuff we do not use, or eat. If you really want to help, help us collect and sell our sesame.” Words that gave direction to our work.

We have learned from the earthquake that when you think you have lost it all, there is still what is not visible to the naked eye: human warmth. The pampering and mutual care allows for the birth of strength, friendship and brotherhood to start different work allowing us to see a possible world for the children of the children of their children.