Acciona Transformando Caminos para Ser y Hacer A.C.

Proyecto: Acciona Transformando Caminos para Ser y Hacer A.C.


Yautepec, La Nopalera, Morelos

Omar García Sierra Cordero

One of our interests as an organizations has always been to seek better opportunities for everybody. What happened on September 19 affected us deeply, since we were made aware of our own fragility. Due to fear, but also due to our efforts, we started to organize ourselves to try and help the communities that needed it the most. Yet we soon realized those communities would need more support in the long run, even after the reconstruction process, because the emotional is often the most ignored part of this process, and those wounds must heal; otherwise we will carry them throughout our whole lives.

To listen to one another, to cry and move on from our loss… all of us lost something that day: peace of mind, our family, home, school, or jobs. By listening, we remember that we’re in this together, and that material losses are not the only things that need rebuilding.

In order to build with the community a protocol for health care and assistance in risk and disaster situations, we conducted an assessment with producers to check the viability of work plans to reactivate the economy. We were able to set up a school, where we expect that 80 out of 100 families can get their livelihoods back through the production and sale of organic mushrooms. We also expect to counteract deforestation by planting 10,000 trees with the help of children and teenagers in the region.