Brigada Santa Cruz

Proyecto: Reconstruyendo Santa Cruz


Tochimilco, Puebla

René Hernández Montes

Redes sociales

Our group is characterized by being multidisciplinary and having the spirit to serve. We also live with the aim to prove to ourselves that despite the geographical place in which we had to live, many activities can be achieved for common good.

We know that maintaining the confidence and authenticity in our values is essential, and so we have strengthened our expertise to improve the activities that have been generated within the group and the community. The moments of coexistence have maintained the ties of unity, friendship, loyalty and companionship. We want to improve the quality of life of the different groups with increased risk of vulnerability within the environment.

The experience of the earthquake of September 19 was impressive. We had heard on the news about tragedies and natural disasters, but when we had to live it, it seemed rather uncertain: seeing people running, the chaos of wanting to know how their relatives were, seeking some means of communication and not finding any, fear, helplessness, uncertainty, the doubt of what would happen next, etc. The extraordinary thing was that at that time, the political, religious and social differences were forgotten because people prioritized helping—the deep-rooted feeling of unity that characterizes this community flourished.

That is why we risk organizing various activities to reconstruct the damaged houses and social fabric in the community. Our aspirations are to: create networks of economic activation, to maintain traditions, to strengthen customs, to raise awareness and sensitize society with the spirit of assistance, to seek solutions together in order to generate opportunities and to improve the quality of life, provided that the natural resources of the region are protected.