Centro de Apoyo al Movimiento Popular Oaxaqueño, A.C.

Proyecto: Centros comunitarios sustentables para la rehabilitación posdesastres en comunidades ikoot´s y zapotecas de la región del Istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca


San Francisco del Mar, Oaxaca

César Morales Rodríguez

After the earthquake, when we were faced with the magnitude of the disaster, pain, suffering, death, outrage, and anger shook us from within, it shook our consciousness.

Immediately indifference, corruption, embezzlement, neglect and the lack of comprehensive plans of reconstruction by the government emerged. Yet, solidarity, mutual help, individual and collective actions from various and diverse social sectors in our country and abroad also emerged. This is the case of CAMPO, A.C., we put our efforts towards helping the affected population with their most essential needs: food, shelter, health, and clothing.

All of this came down to setting up shelters, community kitchens, healthcare services, distribution of medicines, and psychological care. We also offered temporary services such as electrical generators, water purification plants, eco toilets, etc. Additionally, we are working towards consolidating Post-Disaster Community Centers in various towns in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

The affected population, local groups and organizations, participated in different ways. Through collective work and mutual aid, families picked up debris, recuperated materials that were in good condition, and from the dust of the adobe they had saved they made new bricks, and so began the reconstruction of their homes.

What keeps us standing? The unified strength shown by many of the affected people, and the certainty that the reactivation of our everyday lives and the reconstruction of our homes and our community is in our hands.