Centro de Encuentros y Diálogos y Formación en Economía Social, Solidaria y Sustentable A.C.

Proyecto: Fortalecimiento del tejido social y la reconstrucción de vivienda sustentable en la comunidad de Hueyapan, Morelos


Tetela del Volcán, Hueyapan, Morelos

Ma. del Carmen Bahena Bahena

As an organization, for the past ten years we have been working towards sustainability in the community of Hueyapan, municipality of Tetela del Volcán, Morelos. The September 19 earthquake reshaped our being, and our duties in the community and in the region; it reaffirmed what we had been betting on, what we had built; it accelerated our pace to make possible new and better realities for our people.

Following this event, children asked, with their faces full of curiosity, “And now, where are we going to live if our homes fell down?” Other danced on the mud, soil and clay to rebuild their homes, and others came to the play centers, eager to play and learn.

And of course there are young people, like Pablo and David. 21-year-old Pablo, who stubbornly wants to join the Army, but we have engaged him in building houses with adobe and learning new techniques. He hasn’t left yet. He is with David, who is quiet but clever. David is 20, and the father of Francisco and Vicky. Just like Pablo, David has found himself in the land, and in his potential for helping to meet the housing needs of the community.

Young people are guided by the voices and aid of their elders, those who have walked beyond them, and have inherited the wisdom of the land from their grandmothers and grandfathers.

Just like in a big cobweb, we weave people, stories, knowledge, skills, resources, friendships, and also misfortunes. The reconstruction of houses, of trust in collective capabilities, and the children’s joy for having a new home becomes possible because we work and share collectively, help each other, achieve things and trust each other.