Centro Operacional de Vivienda y Poblamiento, A.C.

Proyecto: Proyecto de reconstrucción y autoconstrucción de viviendas en Santiago Mamalhuazuca


Ozumba, Santiago Mamalhuazuca, Estado de México

Josef Johannes Schulte-Sasse Lesnick

Following the first moment after the misfortune, the seismic events of September 2017 mobilized us to search how to accompany the reconstruction processes. The academic community of the Technological University of the Chalco Valley focused their efforts on volcano slopes of, east of the State of Mexico, and invited the Centro Operacional de Vivienda y Poblamiento A.C.  (COPEVI) and the Ibero System to follow up on activities initiated together with the inhabitants of San Juan Tepecoculco (Municipality of Atlautla) and Santiago Mamalhuazuca (Ozumba) on the slopes of Popocatepetl (State of Mexico), with the aim of reconstructing a human process to collectively weave hope, solidarity and community life.

This process seeks to value the architectural tradition, to employ the resources of the region and to offer improvements in resistance facing seismic events, thus generating a worthy and safe habitat in the communities on the foothills of the volcanoes.

This goal prompted the works of the Home, School and Community Center in San Juan Tepecoculco, which spread through the Housing Reconstruction and Self-construction Project Santiago Mamalhuazuca, with the following objectives:

  • Promoting self-management and local strengthening to boost a social, demonstrative and participatory reconstruction, in the perspective of habitat social production;
  • Counting with a diagnosis and a reconstruction plan, as well as with a development agenda including socio-cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, and integral risk management before natural disasters, also from a strategic and participatory perspective; and
  • Linking the processes of development and integrated risk management before natural disasters among the communities of Santiago Mamalhuazuca and San Juan Tepecoculco.