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Colectivo Garabato

Proyecto: Bibliotecando


Jojutla y Amilcingo, Morelos

Mariana Osorio Gumá

Redes sociales

We are an interdisciplinary group that advocates for the most vulnerable, at-risk segments of our community: children and young people. Through the Bibliotecando project, we draw on social psychology and art in order to foster reading. Our creative programs encourage an affected population to express traumatic experiences, such as natural disasters, social violence, and migration.  

We engage the imagination, encourage play, proactive thinking, and an inclusive language in order to make visible and recognize the vulnerability of individuals or groups. We search for meaning and possible solutions that strengthen community ties.

It is impossible to change the world without imagination. Books, games, art, along with potential and active readers, are our main allies in this quest for change. The idea is to imagine alternate worlds, so that one day we may perhaps inhabit them.  

Our hope is to heal social wounds caused by injustice, impunity, and violence, throughout the power of books.