Comunidad, A.C.

Proyecto: Construcción Integral Morelos


Isabel Hernández Vega

The earthquake that shook our country made visible the vulnerability and poverty experienced by thousands of families. Losing their belongings and their heritage caused them despair and pain. But September not only left us pain—it also left us many lessons and possibilities to build more hospitable spaces and support networks.

The purpose of the project consists in making community and enhancing the capacities of the people from the reconstruction of their homes. This proposal has been possible thanks to the partnership established with Yankuik Kuikamatilistli, a team with a long history of work linked to the community processes. Thanks to its experience, we have managed to incorporate the group and intergenerational work in order to enhance the capabilities and skills of each individual.

A key aspect was to learn to work together in order to recognize strengths and learning opportunities, to identify boundaries and divergent views, and to spread the word.

It has the intention of promoting attitudes of cooperation (learning how to give and offer help), of emotional containment (when the affected families feel uncertainty, sadness or despair) and at the same time delegating tasks and technical content (assembly of columns, footings and preparation of adobe). The idea is to learn to be in line with the world, to break the isolation and think as a whole. It is a process that joins excitement with knowledge. In this way, the cooperative work has changed and strengthens the community from the inside. Community intervention is to accompany each other, and allows to recognize the practices that can change and generate more inclusive processes.

Our job is to be a bridge to walk along with the communities and develop their initiatives. For us in Fundación Comunidad, it is a pleasure to see how the seed of hope germinates in the community, where many families were able to organize, discuss, and think together, despite having lost their homes and belongings.