Concejo Ciudadano por la Reconstitución Integral de Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca

Proyecto: Xquendalisaa Gubiña (comunalidad Gubiña)


Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca

Carlos Manzo

The Citizen Council for the Integral reconstitution of Unión Hidalgo is a collective formed in community assembly the first days after the earthquake of September 7, 2017.

Guenda lisaa gubiña aims to strengthen the bonds of the commonality in our population of Ranchu Gubiña. We are part of the Binniza town in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and our culture and territory were threatened by the modern colonial way of life, which puts at risk our historic, natural, tangible and intangible heritage as indigenous peoples.

The earthquake of September 7 caused the death of 11 people the night of the event. It also affected the daily life and emotions of the people in the subsequent days, due to the repeated aftershocks. The population saw the effects in their homes with approximately 600 vernacular houses directly collapsed by the quake. In addition to this, in a span of four months, construction companies in collusion with the authorities of the three levels of government carried out the demolition of more than 2,000 houses, mostly of a traditional style, with the aim of profiting from the funds for the reconstruction, refusing by all means the possibility of restoration or reconstruction of the traditional dwellings.

However, from the creation of forums and meetings with solidary people with whom we have agreed on the need for a comprehensive reconstruction of the social fabric, we made an effort to interact with various sectors of the community, including the elderly, young people and adults seeking to recover part of what the earthquake took away from us.