Cooperativa Cimarronez

Proyecto: Plan de trabajos autónomos de reconstrucción y producción territorial (PLANTARTE)


Ixtepec, Valerio Trujano (Distrito de Cuicatlán), Oaxaca e Iztapalapa, CDMX

Luz Isela Aquino Mendoza

At Cooperativa Autónoma Cimarronez Anticapitalismo Organizado, we work collectively on issues of solidary economy, but we are also a space of work and gathering, culture and autonomy. We fight for a dignified life, with health for everyone, with public education, with the recovery of the ancestral knowledge of our peoples-nation and with the revitalization of the philosophy of our roots and navels, for the rescue of cultures, of the memory, stories, and for the respect of the environment and mother earth with autonomous means of production and communication. Thus, we seek to recover our original languages, to fight for housing, work, decent food, and truthful information, and for justice to be true in order to achieve freedom for everyone.

We are a group that makes discreet but permanent work with democratic plans in consultations, with non-business forms of labor and the inheritance of the collective and voluntary work: indigenous collective work (mano vuelta), tequio or collective labor.

For this reason, we immediately assisted—with the minimum possibilities our few hands and feet reached—in accompanying on the days and nights that followed the earthquakes of September 2017. We organized brigades of young people attending the calls for organization, in tens, with strong will and almost no resources.

Plant and grow—our reality is to work and, in small outbreaks, to try to achieve new sprouts, cacao and maize to nourish bodies and souls. We believe that we can be reborn and slightly rebuild community life in the lands of our peoples, where bodies, land and blood call.

CACAO works for freedom and for justice. We are just a brick in the new house, a few words in the narrative of the peoples, a step that aspires for the wind and water to erase the footprint of power and dispossession, a step on the path to be made by the towns, a simple thought for the dignity in life, new hands in the tequio of the towns.