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Heroica Ciudad de Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca

Carlos Sánchez Martínez

Xumm is the name of what befell the indigenous community of Juchitán on September 7, 2017, in the local Diidxazá is language, which means movement. Xumm showed up for four minutes in the middle of the night, reducing the Place of Flowers to debris.

For some Zapotecs, this came with the name guendaguti (death); for others it was guendahuará (illness) and guendaridxibi (fright), but it brought brothers and sisters closer together. Some knew each other from before, for others, it was the first time they hugged. Guendalisaa (to become family), guendaracanesaa (to help each other), and guendabi’chi’ ne guendabiza’ana’ (siblinghood) are the destinies that sparked joy in our hearts and made us stronger.

Juchitán (guidxiguié’) means Place of Flowers. It is an indigenous community, which has survived despite 500 years of attempts by the Mexican State to erase our historical memory and our tongue; to wipe us out and take our territory. Today, in the 21st century, these plans are being carried out: over 1,600 wind turbines were set up in 25 wind farms in our territory. The struggle, the resistance, and persistence keep us alive, weaving our community spirit.

We, who survived the xuró’ (big earthquake), have the mission to contribute to the reconstruction of our collective lives. The best way to achieve it are through Guendalisaa (becoming family), guendaracanesaa (helping each other), and guendabi’chi’ ne guendabiza’ana’ (siblinghood). If we make it through, we will then call ourselves binniguenda – we will become beings who with our collective strength rebuild themselves in one night.

With our actions as binniguenda, we will be able to build a world where many other worlds are possible, at the heart of mother earth.