Foro Ecológico Juchiteco, A.C.

Proyecto: Acciones de reconstrucción sustentable en el Istmo Oaxaqueño


Heroica Ciudad de Juchitán de Zaragoza y Reforma de Pineda, Oaxaca

Pedro Román Figueroa Estrada

Redes sociales

On completing a year from the tragedy in which Juchitán, and much of the region of the isthmus of Tehuantepec, was rocked by the earthquake, Foro Ecológico Juchiteco A.C. has reactivated its activities: environmental education, nursery of native plants in danger of extinction, breeding of iguanas in captivity, paper production with natural fibers, compaction and grinding of plastic, production of organic fertilizer, permanent reforestation campaigns, and advice for the management of solid waste for schools and communities. In 2018 we carried out the XXVIII Edition of the River Festival; and in August 2018, we began the free shelter service for young people from indigenous communities. We have begun the project activities: actions of sustainable reconstruction in the Oaxacan isthmus. We started the preparatory work for the construction of the solid waste collection center in the community of Reforma de Pineda, Oaxaca. This is in benefit of 1,000 families. The validation meetings have taken place in the communities of Reforma de Pineda, Santa María del Mar and Juchitán, so that they are integrated into this proposal.

Unfortunately, the reconstruction process that the government carried out in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec has been slow and full of errors;

Even if gradually new homes have been appearing and some businesses have opened, markets have not been reconstructed yet. The Government of the State of Oaxaca admits that they are yet to rebuild or repair more than 800 schools in the region, added to the hospital of Juchitán still not being finished.

Not to mention the hundreds of cases that went unsupported for not having been surveyed or for having had problems with the famous Bansefi cards. The human wretchedness of the officials who duplicated and collected the victims’ cards was only surpassed by scavengers who arrived promising to build subsidized houses and only took the cards for materials and cash with them, without building anything, sinking even more in misery homeless families.

All of this should not make us pessimistic or apathetic. It is important to point out so as to not terminate the enormous task involved in the reconstruction.