Fuerza Istmo

Proyecto: Reconstruyete


San Mateo del Mar y Heróica. Ciudad de Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca

Gisela Gómez Nolasco

Redes sociales

We are the collective Fuerza Istmo, composed of Mexican volunteers joining efforts for the spiritual and material reconstruction of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.

Our current project is called Rebuild yourself (Reconstrúyete). It consists of workshops, forums and work tables with the people affected by the earthquakes, and in partnering with community leaders to generate a synergy of both material and spiritual reconstruction.

A great challenge we set ourselves was to develop an agenda for gender equality and preventing violence, among others.

In the municipalities in which we work, we involve social actors which undertake to implement measures in favor of women. We seek to generate knowledge about financial education, models built with local materials, civil protection, and so on. We see this project as the beginning of many others that will follow and we believe they will permeate society for its prompt reconstruction.

What has been significant for us in these months has been the solidary, respectful and sincere support arising from both the national and international population. The response thereof has been extremely enriching, encouraging, rewarding and dignifying. This motivates us to continue to rebuild and remain upright.

We look forward to the work we do to have a regional and even national impact, and to be able to set the example that in fact we can do it, in spite of having many things against us.