Fundación Tosepan, A.C.

Proyecto: Tamakepalis, proyecto de reconstrucción integral en Santa Cruz Cuautomatitla (Tochimilco, Puebla)


Tochimilco en Santa Cruz Cuautomatitla, Puebla

Adriana de la Peza Vignau

Being yolkuali (having a good heart) and acting accordingly is one of the dreams that are permanently imprinted on cooperators for the next 40 years, as well as dreaming us in the territory coexisting with one another and with everything that surrounds us. Having a good heart (yolkuali) involves setting your heart on what you do, on weaving collective work for the benefit of the communities. When walking with a good heart, there is no room for selfishness, and the spirit to reach out to those who need it today springs out, for we do not know if we will be the ones needing a hand on our path tomorrow. When we invite someone to join a celebration or custom, we say timitsyoleuaj (we keep you in our heart), which means that this feeling emerges from the depths of our hearts.

Community work is one of the values of the Tosepan Foundation since throughout the year it  gives continuity to the works that will make it possible for our dreams to become a reality. Community work allows us to make agreements and one of these has been to  reach out to those whose homes were fragmented after the earthquakes of 2017.

The house represents this first space where life is reproduced and recreated. That is why we believe that our home has a heart (kalyolot) and when we support each other on the construction of houses, we intertwine and strengthen the social fabric. That is why we return to the principle of tamakepalis (mutual aid, support among brothers) to give back a little of all those hands that have supported the construction of a project for a good life, for those of us who are part of the Tosepan family. Today it is our turn to help those who tomorrow will help others  

Because we believe that if we extend our solidary hand (tamanauilis), we can help restore confidence in our people; that if we are united in organized labor, we can make our dreams come true.