Grupo Tepecoculco

Proyecto: Vivienda digna para los afectados del sismo en San Juan Tepecoculco


Atlautla, Estado de México

José Apolinar Arellano Trejo

On behalf of Grupo Tepecoculco, I would like to thank the joint efforts of Tecnológico Universitario del Valle de Chalco, Centro Operacional de Vivienda y Poblamiento A.C. (COPEVI), and Universidad Iberoamericana for following up the activities started by inhabitants of San Juan Tepecoculco (in the municipality of Atlautla, at the skirts of Popocatepetl, in the State of Mexico). Our goal is to turn the reconstruction into a humane, efficient and transparent process.

It is important to highlight that Grupo Tepecoculco is mostly made up of women, who describe themselves in the following way:

We are peasant women, homemakers, and merchants who seek to restore the heritage we lost in the September quakes last year.

Some of us are single mothers, who work to support their children, yet this is not an obstacle to work for our town; we want to help our town move forward, support people in need through proper organization and management.”

This group has helped with the distribution of food and donated goods. It has collected information in the community regarding the damages caused by the quake, to identify the houses that still need assessment. Since February 2018, we have organized community endeavors to build Casa Escuela, a center that, once it is finished, will have the objective of teaching basic reconstruction techniques for the benefit of the community.