Guadalupe Madre Tierra, A.C.

Proyecto: Hueyapan Reverdeciendo


Hueyapan, Morelos

Gabriela Olimpia Cano Gutiérrez

The community of Hueyapan suffered the effects of September 19 with the collapse of many homes. The Guadalupe Madre Tierra organization together with the inhabitants of Hueyapan are very distressed by the problem, which continues implying both bearing the costs of the reconstruction of dwellings and many families becoming homeless and trying to survive one way or another.

The earthquakes only came to stir the rubble of a forgotten town. Given the lack of housing due to the accident, it is necessary to add the need to dignify the existing dwellings. In Guadalupe Madre Tierra we rebuilt decent housing, which means sheltering those who live there and being a refuge where they can live in harmony—all of this thanks to the durable superadobe construction system, integrating all the space with Permaculture, this is, for housing to be able to respond in a cultural and environmental manner to the place where it is located.

As a foundation we have worked with several highly marginalized indigenous communities, and we have brought them support for their strengthening, based on a socio-environmental economic system.

Hueyapan has been an exceptional case for us. It has taught us more than what we have contributed, since its people are influenced by this great force contained by its eco-systemic environment and its hidden history.

Its environmental, cultural and gastronomic traditions make this a magical space.

Today we want to continue with this support, so that in the future Hueyapan is the example of a sustainable community and recovers its ancestral identity strengthening its traditions.