Lluvia Para Todos A.C. (Isla Urbana)

Proyecto: San Gregorio capta la lluvia


San Gregorio Atlapulco, CDMX

Nabani Vera Tenorio

Witnessing the reaction of the population on September 19 was extremely moving. There was no other way of behaving in light of the situation than giving everything in our power.

In Isla Urbana we decided to focus on what we know: generating sustainable and alternative water supply sources. We designed the “emergency rainwater collection system.”

The earthquake came to confirm what we already had as a central longing: seeing indigenous peoples and vulnerable populations with the capacity of supplying water in a sustainable way, with tools to generate the resilience that the area in which we live demands.

One September 19 had already changed everything for an entire city, but over the course of 32 years we had started to forget it. In 2017, again on September 19, the Earth sent us a reminder of the vulnerability of human beings—what really matters is not found in stores or on the screens. It reminded us that what makes this country special is the people who inhabit it, those people that are not shocked before an emergency but are rather organized, and support and embrace each other.

The day that we are able to intentionally evoke what September 19 moved in our wills and to apply it to our community, we will transform our realities and our country. That day the earth will quake more than in 1985 or 2017.