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Pasos Permacultura A.C.

Proyecto: Estrategia de reconstrucción integrativa ecosocial en comunidades del Istmo de Tehuantepec


Oaxaca, San Pedro Comitancillo, Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, San Mateo del Mar, San Blas Atempa

Tomas Trinidad Montes

Reality weaves stories and moments, and so the stories of our community and our people interweave in the reconstruction of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, from our own participative perspectives, architectural identity, and affirming our Zapotec, Mixe, Huave, Ikoot and Chontal culture. We defy hegemonic thought and dominant culture; we defy our own human vulnerabilities, with faith, determination, solidarity, cooperation, and collective work in favor of our well-being and the greater good.

In Pasos Permacultura A.C. (Agencia Local para el Desarrollo Sostenible), we believe that to reconstruct is to do things differently, and hence our comprehensive and eco-social approach and strategy.

After September 7, nothing will ever be the same. The following day, our hearts beat higher than 8.2 on the richter scale, solidarity flooded the streets of our towns: from picking up debris to organizing community kitchens, from the construction of dry toilets to coordinating the implementation of regional impact strategies, and workshops to build with local materials; we invested in social capital to strengthen our community.

We drew on our experience and mobilized a network, built over seven years of continuous community work, in order to contribute to the emergency response. Today we are stronger, more committed and motivated. We are focused on implementing an eco-social strategy, and creating a Community Finance Society that offers access to financing by:

a) Reactivating the economy in the Isthmus. Access to microcredits, entrepreneurship, and productive activities based in the region.

b)   Reconstructing houses. Technical consulting and microcredits to fix up homes or build them using local materials and a bio-architecture.