Programa VACA, A.C.

Santiago Niltepec y el Azul Añil. Reconstrucción de vivienda y edificación del centro comunitario La Casa del Añil


Santiago Niltepec y Cazadero Arriba, Oaxaca

Luis Mauricio Jiménez Romo

Programa VACA A.C. is a community building platform based on regional materials and techniques. It fights housing poverty in rural areas and indigenous territories through participatory, inclusive and pluralistic design. We use solidary construction as a scenario to teach sustainable architecture to volunteers and members of beneficiary communities.

At the same time, thanks to our field work methodology, we manage to build at very low costs using vernacular techniques from the region, which have been historically tested and improved with current techniques.

Through community construction, we seek to work with vulnerable people, mainly women and children, to thus modify building systems, scales and techniques that adapt to the specific reality of these human groups. These construction methods are an affordable, replicable and sustainable response, generating tools so people can overcome the condition of vulnerability in which they find themselves.

In Programa VACA we imagine a new reality for the communities affected by the multidimensional poverty and the earthquakes that took place.