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Reconstruir a Mor

Proyecto: Reconstruir a Mor


Totolapan, Morelos

Mariana Lucía Casas Arredondo

Redes sociales

We are a multidisciplinary group of volunteers from Morelos, who decided to support the reconstruction of the homes affected by the September 19 quake, in a sustainable, participatory and resilient way. Respecting the local customs and usages, we want to encourage the preservation of the cultural heritage and to improve the lives of the communities in our state.

After conducting interviews to the families, we developed a housing prototype based on local customs and usages: a nuclear family structure, and the key role of women in the domestic economy. This prototype can also be adapted to the specific needs of each family.

The structure uses adobe as a main technique, since it is the most suitable for the region for its highly valuable cultural, thermal, economical and sustainable properties.

In order to reclaim this technique, we implemented workshops and tasks for the affected people in the community, volunteers, other members of the community, and students of a local middle school.

This project has made us grow both personally and professionally. The laughter of children has nourished us, as well as the eagerness of volunteers for helping, knowing and being a part of the community. The resilience and perseverance of the receiving families give us the strength to keep helping.