REDES, Recuperación de Saberes

Proyecto: Tejiendo redes con Yoo’ Béñe


Asunción Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca

Vera De La Cruz Baltazar

Redes sociales

Andrés Henestrosa said, “Home and coexistence together are the people; the people together shape humanity and the world […]”

Our homes are more than a few walls and a roof that protect us physically: they are part of our way of life, traditions and identity, and of the cultural landscape and the urban image.

We are Ramon, architect, and Vera, restorer, and we dream of building decent housing for the Ixtaltepec group of families which we are accompanying with technical advice. Throughout the year we have been present in the isthmus, where we have organized workshops of construction techniques with soil, such as the production of adobes, of bread ovens and construction with reinforced adobe. With the Yoo’ Beñe group we started presenting our proposal and listening to their needs. We chose building with adobe as we thus achieve recovering knowledge and constructive traditions that use local materials, in addition to feeding the social fabric and recovering the traditional way of mutual-help construction so that the limited resources yield more.

The constructions were planned using participatory design, considering the possibility of being progressive. That is, we will start with the minimum spaces needed and each family can then make them grow according to their needs and capabilities. The production of adobe has been slow and tough. So far, we have already built the foundations of two houses and we are waiting for the rain to decrease in order to continue with the walls. The process has been more complex than what we anticipated. However, the great need for support that still exists, the progress and the experienced solidarity motivate us to continue on this path.