Suma Urbana, A.C.

Proyecto: Ciudad Preparada, Ciudad Segura


Álvaro Obregón, Iztapalapa, Magdalena Contreras, Tláhuac, Tlalpan y Xochimilco, Ciudad de México

Josefina Mac Gregor

Redes sociales

Suma Urbana is an association that arises from the work in the field of civil society on issues of urban development and the fight against corruption. As part of the learning process, we understood that the starting point for planning and decision-making in a city should be the risk factor. You cannot build wherever you want, or wherever it is profitable, but where hazard conditions allow it and where safety is offered to the inhabitants. For this reason, for many years our flag has been the need for a Risk Atlas that could serve as this starting point. The earthquake triggered the alerts in the places which were detected as vulnerable: they were the places that suffered major damage. At first, the only thing we could think of was to seek ways to help; later, anger came; then, the analysis, and today, the demand.

The city is a closed, floodable basin, in a highly telluric area, with faults and volcanic activity. In addition to these natural risk factors, this city has been characterized by overexploitation of groundwater and a lack of aquifer recharge policies, resulting in a rapid subsidence of the ground.

We have seen how a biased legislation, coupled with corruption, the absence of public policies, the lack of civil protection culture and the inability of authorities to apply already existing protocols leave the population not only unprotected, but also finding it impossible to take preventive measures or to recover in the event of a natural disaster.

We hope to be able to visualize a series of legal flaws and loopholes so that together we can develop a culture to remedy some of these shortcomings for the benefit of all.