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Sumando Ando

Proyecto: Diagnóstico de incidencia en torno a tres derechos humanos en Jojutla


Jojutla, Morelos

Bosque David Iglesias Guzmán

Redes sociales

First came the racket: clouds of dust, crying, desolation… Then, an eloquent silence showed us the abandonment and shortfalls of many years: the lack of authority and the certainty that the future is not a given, but that we have to build it with blood, sweat and tears.

The call invoked hearts and ears, wills, arms and talents that were found. A dialogue that encourages reflection and collective work in order to resurface was born.

Sumando Ando emerges in response to the need for organization to deal with the emergency. We are a young seed, but we like to imagine that we can be a promise for the future. Our first tasks were the creation of a collection center and the adoption of a care methodology based on a survey of needs.  We soon managed to establish relationships and trust networks able to mobilize the necessary support for each precise need. Now we ask ourselves how we can move from care and assistance to accompaniment, and we believe that to do that it is key to build and weave ourselves among diversity as a collective subject in which we walk together—adding paths—to experience in our rights as a community in a more dignified and full way.

Our project for Levantemos Mexico consists in a diagnosis of access to rights, which aims to provide clear information and give some clues to organize ourselves in such a way that rights to health, education and housing may be best enjoyed in Jojutla.