Taller de Arquitectura Viva

Proyecto: Taller de arquitectura viva y agrosustentable


San Gregorio Atlapulco, Santa Cruz Acalpixca y San Luis Tlaxialtemalco, CDMX

Miguel Ángel Miyamoto González

Redes sociales

The earthquake, despite the tragedy it brought upon us, gave us a wonderful gift: the ability acknowledge ourselves as neighbors and inhabitants of a same place, and thus bringing us together as brothers and sisters. It also made us realize that to decide and demand are our obligations as citizens. We dream of a conscious and proactive society that can close the gap between institutions and citizens.

This is why we created Workshop of Alive and Agro Sustainable Architecture, TAVA. Our objective is to reactivate the economy through sustainable and productive processes to stop the urban sprawl in the cultural heritage site of Xochimilco. We work in this region because it is one of the most productive and important lacustrine systems in the world, and it represents 30% of the water supply of Mexico City.

Our mission is to generate a region of production, where through the proper implementation of ecotechniques we will achieve the following:

  •       Create decent work conditions in production zones.
  •       Generate job opportunities that guarantee food security and economic stability.
  •       Properly handle waste disposal.
  •       Encourage production with a low environmental impact.
  •       Improve the conditions in a carbon sink that will help reduce the effects of climate change.

We believe that the research and implementation of this proposal, in addition to the commitment of those involved in this, will reduce the decay in this region; in the long run, we will stop the loss of our protected areas: the historical heritage of chinampas, and the family traditions where our cultural identity is rooted.