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Tecalzintli. Conocimiento en Movimiento

Proyecto: Revitalización del bienestar económico sostenible a través de la cohesión social en Chinameca en unidades de vivienda de personas con imposibilidad de reconstrucción, Ciudad de Ayala, Morelos y Zacatepec, Morelos 2018-2019


Ayala y Zacapetec, Morelos

Israel Lira García

We are Grupo Tecalzintli, Knowledge in motion (Conocimiento en movimiento). We are composed of professionals from different areas: architects, anthropologists, paramedics and members of the affected communities. We met through the different actions that led us to Morelos, where we are working actively in Chinameca and Zacatepec.

We have realized that the earthquakes not only shook the lands and homes of many people all over the country, but also showed that civil society has plenty capacity for action to cope with the problems that we suffer every day. Therefore, like many others, we have taken this initiative to rebuild and support our brothers, not only in their homes, but also attacking the issues historically underlying communities that have been relegated on so many other topics. If we really want change, we cannot afford to wait on institutions to contribute for what we have longed for.

What keeps us strong is that by being together and working equitably we can slowly change based on small actions. We have full confidence in this approach because we are finding people who have lend a hand in the communities visited, at universities, and people who are thousands of miles away.

What strikes me is that my neighbors and brothers are afraid of the construction companies taking away our lands. They haven’t realized that they don’t have to be afraid, that they are ours and that they cannot take them away because the blood of Zapata runs through our veins. This is our land. That is why we are all brothers and this is our home. Here we are all the same […]”