TIBÁ México

Proyecto: Bioreconstruyamos Hueyapan, Morelos


Tetela del Volcán, Barrio de San Andrés, Hueyapan, Morelos

Van Lengen/Arq. Karen Carrera

After the September 19 earthquake in Hueyapan, Morelos, over 300 homes were damaged. These houses are currently being demolished and replaced by concrete blocks and steel structures. This reconstruction poses various issues: the materials are not appropriate for the local weather – and they are pollutants; this mainly affects the identity and building tradition (adobe) in the community. The lack of knowledge regarding the construction and structure potential of adobe, in addition to the imposition of these new construction techniques, is causing a loss of identity among the indigenous population, since historically adobe has been their livelihood and a part of their lives.

Faced with this situation, we – a group of architects specialized on bio-construction – decided to contact the community to give them the tools and knowledge they need to rebuild, restore, and keep their adobe houses. In the process, we hope to encourage self-sufficiency and empower the inhabitants.

We want to share our experience and knowledge on recovering damaged homes and promote the appreciation of adobe for its indigenous roots, as well as its practical virtues: its thermal advantages, low environmental impact, and the possibility of reusing existing materials, which lowers costs.

Thus, we will not only help with the reconstruction of their homes, but also with the preservation of local building techniques – part of their community identity.