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Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca A.C.

Proyecto: Reconstrucción integral del hábitat en Guendalizaa en Ciudad Ixtepec


Oaxaca, Ciudad Ixtepec

Gustavo Esteva Figueroa

In Ixtepec City, we formed a community in continuous transformation and renewal, where we created a space of action, learning, reflection and encounters. We explored with others how to organize ourselves from below, how to build our autonomy without depending on the market or the State, how to govern ourselves, by ourselves, by dissolving all hierarchy.

Our main task is to promote and facilitate encounters among people, groups, organizations and communities belonging to different cultures in order to contribute to harmonious coexistence, mutual upbringing and respectful treatment. The dialogues and encounters are thought to lead to joint practices expressing capabilities of mutual understanding and proper articulation, as an expression of resistance and transformation movements.

“Tell me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are,” says a popular saying. Our homes are part of who we are. Our navels are buried there. To rebuild our homes is to rebuild ourselves. We were born and grew up there. We will not let them tear them down to build their concrete garages. We want them alive. Almost all houses have a fix; very few will have to be demolished. We will defend our memories and stories. Our parents and grandparents were born here.

Due to its strategic location, the isthmus region has aroused the interest of big trading powers, who, since colonial times until our days, have tried to snatch away our territory.

The illusion of “progress and development” is wrapped in mines, wind farms, pipelines, dams, agroindustry and maquilas. It is a dream that turns into a nightmare. We will not allow it. The earthquake woke us up.