Vecinos Unidos Alameda Jojutla, A.C.

Proyecto: Taller gráfico con causa


Jojutla, Tlaquiltenango, Puente de Ixtla, Morelos

José Antonio Benítez Ramírez

Redes sociales

We talked about people, families, children, and neighbors bewildered by an earthquake, which lasted less than a minute, yet it would unite us forever.

We talked about the moment of the quake itself: people screaming and crying on the streets, powerlessness enveloped in dust, chaos, destruction, anguish, and pain.

We talked about the immediate and unconditional aid, comforting and reassuring hugs, the boisterous courage to save the another’s life as if it was it was our own.

We talked about opening our homes and offering comfort with a hot bowl of soup, strengthening with prayers and reflections our interest in life.

We talked about encouraging our desire to move forward and rise together to reconstruct not only houses, but also ourselves and our community.

We talked about honoring our actions with the same dignity, courage and boldness that quake woke in us, and thus, building a new society.

We talked about being born again to erect a compassionate society based on acceptance, empathy, and solidarity – a society based on love.

To live is something wonderful that calls for us to give in order to receive and share.

We are neighbors, friends and family!