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New Social Actors


**Call for proposals closed



Documental Ambulante, A.C. invites all civic groups and the general public to nominate collectives, brigades, and local grassroots that emerged as a result of the earthquakes and that continue to play a key role in the reconstruction of their communities. The nominated groups may be invited to present a financing proposal to the fund Levantemos MĂ©xico within the line of action: New Social Actors.


To strengthen the capabilities of the collectives, brigades, and local grassroots that emerged from the earthquakes and that continue to play a key role in the reconstruction of their communities.


The call for New Social Actors emerges from the international experience in response to disasters and from the results of the mapping and diagnosis of needs carried out by Levantemos MĂ©xico. According to these learnings:

  • The most appropriate strategy to contribute to the reconstruction process in the affected communities is to reinforce the leadership and capabilities of the local actors that will continue the actions over time.
  • As a result of the earthquakes, new actors with great commitment and very good ideas emerged. In the mapping, it was possible to identify the prominent groups and collectives in all the states, which not only responded to the immediate emergency, but also continue to work with great energy and creativity. Most of these groups are made up of people directly affected by disasters.
  • Many of these groups are collaborating with grassroots and first-floor organizations, which, in turn, coordinate with national and international organizations specializing in key issues for reconstruction.
  • Experience shows that in previous disasters, groups and initiatives have emerged, and that, in addition to playing a key role in the reconstruction of their communities, eventually join organized and proactive civil society.
  • Experience also shows that, with support, valuable citizen initiatives have the potential to not only recover what was there, but also to generate profound and transformative changes in the communities involved.

Thus, the line of action of New Social Actors invites all civic groups and citizens to nominate collectives, brigades, and local grassroots that emerged as a result of the earthquakes and continue to play a key role in the reconstruction of their communities.


  • To have emerged as a group, association, brigade, network, collective or any other social group in the wake of the September earthquakes, in order to respond to the emergency or to support the reconstruction [1].
  • To have a constituted organization that has a valid authorization to receive donations deductible from income tax and that can act as a sponsor. For more information, consult the application form and its guide.
  • To continue working in an active and participatory way in the reconstruction, as well as from a human rights perspective.
  • To work in collaboration with other actors, promoting association and coordination of efforts.
  • To prove that the communities where the actions are being carried out suffered major damage as a result of the earthquakes.
  • To prioritize the benefit of the communities affected and not only of the members or associates of the organizations.
  • To not adhere to any partisan, political, electoral or religious interest.
  • Preference will be given to local groups, but proposals of groups that arrived to areas affected by the earthquakes and can prove the relevance of their work and what they have achieved to date will also be accepted.


  • Individuals
  • Governments or institutions affiliated with governments.
  • Companies or for-profit organizations.
  • Universities or research centers.
  • Cooperatives that seek only the benefit of their associates.
  • Organizations established prior to the September earthquakes (see the call for Community Leadership).
  • Organizations that have not responded actively to earthquakes.
  • Organizations that do not have the technical and administrative capacities to carry out the project they propose.


We will receive proposals from groups working on the reconstruction of one or more communities or neighborhoods located in the municipalities, delegations or boroughs [2] declared as disaster or emergency areas following the earthquakes of September 2017. The states with affected communities are: Chiapas, Mexico City, State of Mexico, Morelos, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Veracruz.

Groups outside of these municipalities will be considered provided that can prove that they have suffered significant damage from the earthquakes.
All proposals must submit evidence of the damage suffered in the communities where the project is proposed, as described in the requirements. Priority will be given to those groups working in the most affected areas.


If your group or association meets the eligibility criteria or if you know groups that meet these criteria, you can nominate them through a short online nomination format. All required materials and instructions are available at the bottom of this page.


The reception of nominations will be open on February 15 and will be closed on February 28, 2018. We will not receive nominations after the closing date of this call.


The team of Levantemos MĂ©xico, with the support of a Technical Committee –made up of members of the affected communities and key players in the reconstruction processes [3]– will select the nominations that best meet the requirements and purposes of the call.

Those selected will receive an invitation on March 15 to submit a project proposal before March 31, 2018. Proposals will not be received after the closing date of this call.

In order to guarantee transparency and good use of resources, projects from groups that have not been specifically invited to submit a proposal as a result of the nomination and pre-selection process will not be received.


New Social Actors call in PDF.


If you have any questions about the nomination process, please write to: levantemos@ambulante.org



The groups selected through the nomination process will be invited to present a project proposal with the characteristics described below.


The projects that will be financed:

  • Strengthen the leadership of the communities in their own reconstruction processes.
  • Promote the regeneration of the social fabric and community organization.
  • Strengthen the group’s capability and the people with whom they work on matters that are central to reconstruction.
  • Propose appropriate solutions to the most relevant issues faced by the people with whom they work. They can address one or several issues, such as housing, water and sanitation, livelihoods, education, health, emotional care, community spaces, environment, culture, among others.
  • Define the expected results, identifying what will be different at the end of the project.
  • Show the potential for the group or collective to consolidate and continue working once the project ends.
  • Incorporate a vision of the future, with specific prevention actions.
  • Incorporate a clear perspective of human and gender rights.
  • Respect and protect the cultural heritage, the environment, and the natural resources of the communities.


The selected groups will be invited to submit project proposals to be implemented within a period of one year, starting on June 1, 2018.


  • Maximum amount: Donations may be up to $ 1,000,000 MXN to be implemented in a period of one year.
  • Minimum amount: Proposals of less than $ 100,000 MXN for one year of implementation will not be contemplated.


Given the enormous need and limited resources, not all proposals that meet the requirements can be financed, even if the groups have been pre-selected and invited to present them. In order to guarantee transparency and good use of resources, projects from groups that have not been specifically invited to submit a proposal as a result of the nomination and pre-selection process will not be received.

Once the nomination process has been completed and the proposals of the groups invited to participate have been received:

Stage 1: The Levantemos MĂ©xico team will decline proposals that do not meet the criteria and requirements of the call and will identify the group of finalists.

Stage 2: Taking into account the observations of the Technical Committee during the nominations process, the driving team [4] will make the final decision on the projects to be financed.

Throughout the selection process, Deloitte will participate as the firm responsible for the accounting audit of the fund.


The results of the call will be announced on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 on Ambulante’s website.


If selected, your organization will receive an agreement with the obligations of both parties to ensure the effective and transparent management of resources. Among others, by accepting a donation your organization would commit to:


Along with the financial donations, the Levantemos MĂ©xico fund will promote the strengthening of organizations and projects financed through face-to-face and virtual periodic meetings, training workshops, visits between organizations, among others. Upon receiving a donation, your organization would commit to participate actively in these activities, as long as they are announced with due anticipation. All costs related to participating in these activities would be covered by the fund.


As part of the monitoring and evaluation of each project, your organization would commit to send periodic reports and a final report, at the end of the project. The requirements for these reports will be sent months in advance. In addition, your organization would commit to send a video every three months to facilitate follow-up and give visibility to your work. All selected organizations will receive a guide to send these updates in video easily and free of cost. Finally, upon receiving a donation, your organization would accept to receive visits from the team of Levantemos MĂ©xico, its donors or allies, with prior notice and without generating any cost for your organization.


In addition to sending quarterly updates, some organizations may be chosen to appear on videos or other media. If you accept a donation, your organization would commit to participate actively in these efforts, prior notice and without the activities generating an additional cost for the organization.


Finally, all organizations must submit partial and final financial reports along with their narrative reports. Financial reports must be supported by expense vouchers and may be audited. The guidelines for the reports will be included in the report guide they will receive with the agreement.

The interpretation of this call corresponds to Documental Ambulante, A.C. as well as the resolution of any matter not foreseen in it.

List of references

  • If your group has already been legally constituted, your registration date must be after the September earthquakes. If your organization already existed before, whether or not it was constituted and although it is dedicated to other topics, please apply to the Community Leadership call, available on the Ambulante site. If you have doubts about the call that corresponds to your group, please write to: levantemos@ambulante.org
  • The municipalities declared emergency or disaster zones as a result of the September earthquakes are available on the government’s open data website.
  • Once the project selection has been completed, the members of the Technical Committee will be published to ensure a transparent selection process.
  • The driving team of the fund is composed by Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal, Diego Luna and Paulina SuĂĄrez (Director of Ambulante).