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Fotografía de Jorge Lépez Vela

Special projects



To support strategic initiatives that strengthen the capabilities and boost the results of the local organizations and of the citizen groups that are playing a central role in their communities’ reconstruction processes.


The action line of Special Projects emerges from the international experience in response to disasters and from mapping results and diagnosis of needs carried out by Levantemos México. According to these learnings:

  • the work of the local organizations and new social actors is fundamental for the recovery of the communities. However, there is a great need to strengthen their capacities in key issues for reconstruction; for example, methodologies for damage evaluation, self-construction techniques, water and sanitation alternatives, strategies for reactivating local economies, irregularities documentation processes, reutilization of materials, etc.;
  • there is a great opportunity to link all the actors who are working at a local level with regional or national actors in order to boost the civil society’s advocacy capacity on the national reconstruction efforts for transparency in the use of funds, among other aspects; and
  • there is a great variety of specialized organizations working on the reconstruction with the capacity to develop strategic projects that answer to the previous objectives.


Only organizations that have received an express invitation to present a project developed in collaboration with the team of Levantemos México may request funds. Proposals that have not been requested will not be considered.


The funded projects will be released on the website of Documental Ambulante, A.C. as they are granted.


If you have any doubts or questions about the line of action of Special Projects, please contact us:

Contact: Blanca Jiménez, member of the fund Levantemos México

Mail: levantemos@ambulante.org

Phone: +52 (55) 5511 5073 Ext. 902